A used shoe sale is held at the end of September each year and a tote of used shoes for sale is kept at the studio.

Beginner dancers require only soft shoes the first year; second-year (and higher) dancers (eight years and older) will require both hard and soft shoes.  Beginner dancers may wear light runners or ballet slippers for the first few classes until they have decided they wish to continue. Used soft shoes cost $10 to $20; used hard shoes $60 to $90. 

The Irish Dance shoes are made in Ireland, so are not available locally – we have a supplier in Calgary.  Order forms are available at class, at the used shoe sale or can be downloaded here  – new soft shoes cost $47; hard shoes $165.


Costume Policy

Our objective is to keep costume costs to a minimum, while at the same time building a wardrobe of costumes to ensure a good variety of show costumes.  This policy significantly reduces the amount of new costumes that need to be sewn each year (all that time and effort!) and also reduces costs for dancers requiring more than one show costume.

Costume costs are subsidized by the Tara Dancers Performance Association.